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Breaching Equipment

Gransfors Svedbro Smide Tactical Breaching Tools - Exclusively Distributed in Canada by Tactical Innovations Canada

Tactical Breaching Tools made by Gränsfors smide originally developed by Swedish SWAT units, these state-of-the-art breaching tools is handcrafted by truly experienced metalsmiths, every step of the manufacturing process is surrounded by superb detail and quality and most of all the heritage of Swedish craftsmanship. Gränsfors Tactical Breaching Tools in use by military and law enforcement units worldwide and have become a new standard of breaching equipment accepted by the international Special Forces community. Our tools are in service with many elite tactical teams including the United States Special Forces.


Forced Entry Training Door - Design and Manufactured by Tactical Innovations Canada

Tactical Innovations Canada developed in Calgary, Alberta this state-of-the-art Forced Entry Training Door also referred to as a breaching door is capable of multiple methods of forced entry training. Our systems allows the users to affix actual locking mechanisms on the sacrificial door piece, exposing the user to real world obstacles during any type of door breach required. This System is low cost to maintain and low cost to operate all sacrificial wood pieces are made from lumber available at your local lumber yard and can be made to match the National Building Code of Canada to give you another level of realism in training. Designed to be easily shipped anywhere in Canada from $100 - $600. Since our this product launch in 2016 we have had overwhelming response and have our units in many Key agencies using them on a regular basis.